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For anyone who takes money online.

The Association of Virtual Businesses is for individuals who:

* Want to learn more about working remotely

* Want to enhance their business and skills, and

* Want to communicate their professionalism to others through membership.

What happens after I sign up?

No later than 7 days after signing up, you will receive your own AVB logo to display on your website or e-newsletter. The AVB logo shows potential employers and clients that you care enough about your business to join the very best.

No later than 10 days, you will receive an orientation video to help you get the most of your membership. This video will guide you through the start-up checklist, how to find the latest tips on internet marketing, and will get you set up to receive notices of   of special trainings, certifications and discounts on services. There is strength in numbers, and occasionally we will send you notice of very specialized information from AVB, such as new intellectual property laws for authors and artists.  

This deal is for a limited time. We hope you will take advantage of this low introductory price in honor of Phoenix Comicon.

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